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Trout Fishing Blairsville Georgia

Updated: Feb 18

North Georgia Fly Fishing Guide

Blairsville is tucked away in the North Georgia mountains toward the border with North Carolina. While there are no trout streams running directly through town, there are plenty of great trout fishing opportunities in the creeks and rivers in the surrounding areas. The two major rivers that offer the best fly fishing in Blairsville are the Hiawasee River and Nottely River. The tailwaters of both rivers have healthy populations of trout. The headwater creeks and streams of these rivers also hold wild populations of trout as well as some stocked trout. Many of these headwater creeks are found on private lands but public access is available on several nearby streams.

Trout Stocking Schedule for Blairsville Georgia
Blairsville Trout Stocking Schedule

Nottely River Trout Fishing

Most of the trout fishing on the Nottely River occurs above Lake Nottely. The river is stocked throughout the spring and into the early summer. Public access along the river is very limited, leaving floating as your best bet. There are several locations you can launch and float to depending on the amount of time you would like to spend on the river, and where you would like to fish. Trout fishing below the Nottely Dam is also limited to floating due to the lack of public shoreline access. The options on where you can launch and take out is much more limited below the dam.

Hiawasee River Trout Fishing

The Hiawasee River flows mostly through private land above Lake Chatuge. There is little to no access in this portion of the river until you reach the headwater streams closer to Helen. To learn more about the Hiawassee River headwaters and Sope Creek, check out our article on Fly Fishing in Helen Georgia. These creeks offer the only public access in the headwaters.

Hiwassee River Tailwater Trout Fishing

Below Lake Chatuge, the river changes its spelling to Hiwassee. The tailwater is located completely in North Carolina and offers much better trout angling opportunities. While floating is still a better option, there are several small public access points on the Hiwassee. The river eventually runs into Lake Hiwassee which runs to the Tennessee border. The tailwater below Lake Hiwassee offers even better trout fishing opportunities than the Chatuge Tailwater section. Learn more about the fly fishing on the Hiwassee River in Tennessee and North Carolina in this article by American Fly Fishermen.

Fires Creek Trout Fishing

North Georgia Trout Fishing Guide

Though not in Georgia, it would be a disservice not to mention this North Carolina trout fishery. Fires Creek is spit into two sections that flow through public land. The first section is managed as a Delayed Harvest section and is found on the lower portion of the public water. This stretch of creek is stocked heavily in the cooler months when trout fishing is catch and release only. The upper section of Fires Creek is not stocked but possesses a healthy population of wild trout. Rainbow trout, brown trout, and brook trout can all be found in the creek. This is likely the closest trout fishery to Georgia where you can find consistent hatches with choosy trout, so do your homework on the current hatches before your visit. You can learn more about Fires Creek in this article on Fly Fishing North Carolina.

Brasstown Creek Trout Fishing

Brasstown Creek is stocked once a month throughout the spring and into summer around the Hwy 76 bridge. Public access is limited to the bridges that cross the creek. The remainder of the creek flows through private land until crossing the North Carolina border where there is several public access points.

West Fork Wolf Creek Trout Fishing

Wolf Creek begins just south of Blairsville and flows northward to its confluence with the Nottely River. The West Fork of Wolf Creek is stocked regularly throughout the year and offers the best small water trout fishing near Blairsville. Access to the creek is plentiful along the Wolf Creek Campground. Wild trout can be found in the upper reaches of the creek. During the Spring some of the best fly fishing in Blairsville can be found on Wolf Creek.

Helton Creek Trout Fishing

Helton Creek flows west to east just north of Blood Mountain and into the upper Nottely River. Wild trout can be found throughout the creek above and below the picturesque Helton Creek Falls. There is limited public access below the falls, but there is a fair stretch of public water above the falls. Be prepared to fight some rhododendrons and work on your bow and arrow casting skills when visiting Helton creek.

Frogtown Creek Trout Fishing

Dahlonega Trout Fishing Guide Service

Frogtown Creek is an upper tributary of the Chestatee River and is stocked during the spring below the campground at the Desoto Falls Recreation Area. These trout do not last long at all as campers make short work of the trout once released into the creek. Wild rainbow trout can be found above the campground as you wade up towards Desoto Falls.

Boggs Creek Trout Fishing

Boggs Creek runs parallel to Frogtown Creek along Hwy 19. The Boggs Creek Campground offers easy access for visitors to the creek. Boggs Creek is stocked considerably more trout throughout the year than its neighbor, Frogtown. Trout can be found in nearly every pool. Be aware of the slick rock outcroppings on the creek. Making the hike upstream, you will begin seeing fewer stocked trout but many more wild rainbow trout in the skinnier water. The Rhododendron and laurel lined creek offers excellent cover for these trout.

To better understand how to bring these trout to the net, our articles on What Trout Eat and Best Flies for North Georgia will help you get more trout to the net.

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