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Chattahoochee River Fly Fishing Guide Service


Chattahoochee River Trout Fishing Guide

The Chattahoochee River offers locals and visitors of Atlanta the opportunity to hit the water and go fly fishing for trout just minutes outside Atlanta. Fishing the river can be feast or famine for less experienced anglers who rely on freshly stocked trout to carry their success on the water. The "Hooch" does hold plenty of holdover rainbow trout and wild brown trout that can be targeted by savvy anglers who know what to look for.  During our guided fly fishing trips on the Chattahoochee River, we teach not only the basics of fly fishing such as beginner casting, indicator fishing, and managing your drift, as well as the more intricate techniques of euro nymphing, sight fishing, and dry fly/ emerger fishing. Our guides can take your fly fishing abilities to the next level and help you understand the Chattahoochee River trout fishery.


Chattahoochee River Fly Fishing

The fly fishing on the Chattahoochee River revolves around nymphing. How productive you can be hinges directly on your effectiveness in presenting your flies at the proper depth and current speed the trout are utilizing to feed. Mastering the subtleties of the drift is a must for anglers looking to catch more trout and this is exactly what our guides here at Georgia Wild Trout like to teach. Join us this winter and spring out on the river to learn all there is to know about trout fishing on the Chattahoochee River Tailwater.

There are a few areas to target trout on the fly in the Chattahoochee River. The amount of areas accessible to the public are limited by wading ability. The parks just below Buford Dam to the end of Bowman's island offer the most wading access to anglers looking to explore and cover water. The Settles Bridge, Jones Bridge, and Island Ford access points also have accessible wading. The latter two access points are subjected to dirtier water for much of the year causing many anglers to seek the clearer water upstream. We focus our fishing in these areas as they tend to yield better results.

Public Wading Fly Fishing Trips on the Chattahoochee River

All gear is provided on our Chattahoochee River Guided Fly Fishing Trips. This includes, waders, boots, rod, flies, and PFD (required). It is recommended our guests wear sweatpants beneath their waders as it will limit condensation as the water temperature in the river rarely rises out of the 40s.

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