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Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guide Service


Blue Ridge Trout Fishing Guide

Blue Ridge is the most popular destination for trout anglers visiting the North Georgia Mountains as well as tourism and vacation getaways. Whether you are in Blue Ridge or the smaller towns nearby, such as Cherry Log, McCaysville, Mineral Bluff, or Newport, endless fly fishing opportunities can be found in all directions. The always popular Toccoa River, its many tributaries, the Cohutta Wilderness, and the upper Cartecay watershed offer the best trout fishing in the area.  These are some of the most productive trout streams in the state in terms of insect life. Learn more about which creeks and streams are stocked or have populations of wild trout in our Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guide article.

Toccoa River Fly Fishing

Blue Ridge Fly Fishing

The best stocked trout streams around the Blue Ridge area include the upper and lower Toccoa River, Fightingtown Creek, Rock Creek, Coopers Creek, Conasuauga Creek, and Boardtown Creek. Wild trout streams can be found in every direction with the Jacks River, Upper Mountaintown Creek, Conasauga Creek, and the upper Toccoa River tributaries being the best options. During cooler months the Toccoa River Delayed Harvest can fish very well during low water when wading is feasible.

Private Trophy Trout Stream Wading

Private water trout streams are located on the Upper Toccoa River and its smaller tributary streams.

The Toccoa River, Jacks River, Conasauga River, Mountaintown Creek,  Noontootla Creek, Fightingtown Creek, Rock Creek, Coopers Creek, and Hemptown Creek, and Boardtown Creek have some of the best trout fishing near Blue Ridge, Georgia. These creeks and rivers fish better at different times of the year, so becoming familiar with them is key to maximizing your success. The Toccoa River is the most popular fishing destination for visitors to Blue Ridge. You can learn all about fly fishing wading and float trips on the Toccoa in our Toccoa River Trout Fishing Guide. All of these streams are stocked at different rates throughout the year. Check out our North Georgia Trout Fishing Guide to Stocked Trout Streams for more details. If you're looking for lodging on Blue Ridge's best trout streams, there are several options just outside of town. Learn more about our Blue Ridge Fishing guides and Blue Ridge Fishing Trips here.

Public Wading Fly Fishing Trips in Blue Ridge

Explore the best public water trout streams around Blue Ridge. Learn how to find and target stocked trout or wild trout. For experienced anglers, attempt the Appalachian slam and land a brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout on the same trip while learning their habits and preferences.

Wading Fly Fishing Trips on Blue Ridge Trophy Trout Streams

Fly fishing the private trout streams around Blue Ridge means targeting your personal best trophy trout. Learn how to find and fight big trout in small water. Focus is crucial as big trout don't often make mistakes more than once. 

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