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North Georgia Fly Fishing Guide Service

Georgia Wild Trout

Our goal at Georgia Wild Trout is to make better fly anglers not only by teaching the fundamentals of fly fishing, but also by educating our guests on the stream ecology, fisheries management, and best fishing practices to ensure they become better stewards of our valued trout fisheries here in North Georgia. Our North Georgia Fly Fishing Guides also want our customers and the visitors to our site to learn as much while fly fishing on their own than they do with us on the water, which is why we provide a large selection of detailed articles and guides that cover anything you want to learn about trout fishing in North Georgia. An educated angler is one who will value our precious resources and protect them for our future generations.

Start Learning About North Georgia Fly Fishing 

Check out our articles on the best times and places to go fly fishing in North Georgia, as well as the the gear, flies, and tactics you will need to know. Our monthly  North Georgia Trout Fishing Reports will keep you up to date all year long and assure you the best fishing trips in Georgia.  You can  also find up to date reports from the water as well as seasonal tips by following our

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Most Recent Article:

Learn the modern and advanced techniques of streamer fishing. Understanding  the best streamer patterns along with when and where to use them is key to success.


Learn the best places to start looking for stocked, wild, and trophy trout in North Georgia. 


Learn the best times to visit North Georgia and the different opportunities each season.


Learn the best tips for anglers just starting in fly fishing to maximize your time on the water


Learn the pros, cons, and must haves when getting geared up to do some trout fishing

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Learn all about North Georgia's Delayed Harvest Trout Streams and what they offer to anglers.

If your ready to venture out and find a honey hole of your own, here's some tips to start.

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Understand Georgia's best stocked trout streams and when is the best time to visit them.

Learn the flies you will need to have the best success fly fishing in North Georgia

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Stay close to the best trout fishing in North Georgia with these cabins and lodging.

Where is the Best Place to go fly fishing in Georgia? We cover the the river that offers the most.

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Teach your kids all about fly fishing and use these tips to have the best success on your local trout stream.

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There is much to learn from the differences and similarities in bass and trout fishing.


The function of your flies and understanding it's construction will land you far more trout than any fancy pattern or color.

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Learn the insect and other stream dwelling critters that comprise the majority of a trout's diet.

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If you're visiting one of North Georgia's State Parks, take full advantage of the seasonal trout fishing opportunities.

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Bring your fly rod on your next adventure along the Appalachian Trail. You might be surprised in what you'll find.


Georgia Fly Fishing By Town

Know where you'll be staying? Check out the closest fly fishing and trout fishing opportunities near you.


Georgia Fly Fishing Rivers

Each of Georgia's major rivers offer fly anglers and trout fisherman something different. Each change throughout the year and are productive at different times. Learn what makes each of the rivers unique in our articles below.

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Georgia Fly Fishing By Season

Each season brings different fishing opportunities to North Georgia. Staying on top of the seasonal paterns and transitioning fish is the key to success. Stay ahead of the curve with these articles.

Join us on our adventures around the globe to learn the lessons in fly fishing that we learned the hard way. You can learn how to solve some of the toughest puzzles on the water and how to avoid common mistakes fly anglers make.

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A Unique Adventure Fly Fishing The Georgia Mountains

Every angler is different. Whether you are looking for a casual day on a secluded stream, or a physically demanding stretch of water that will test your body and mind, we can fine tune your North Georgia fly fishing trip to meet whatever expectations you may have in order to provide the best guided trout fishing in Georgia. Whether a trophy rainbow trout or a wily wild brown trout are your target many opportunities can be found between Blue Ridge, Dahlonega, and Helen. Our monthly trout fishing reports will keep you up to date on all the activity as well as provide some helpful tips for your upcoming North Georgia fly fishing adventure.

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Come explore the finest rivers Appalachia has to offer and catch beautiful trout where whitewater meets the calm babbling stream. Fly fishing North Georgia is an excellent gateway for anyone looking to get outdoors. Check out our trophy trout photo gallery to see the most recent catches during our Georgia trout fishing charters while fly fishing the Georgia Mountains.

Planning your North Georgia Fly Fishing Trip? Check out ot some other local activities and lodges nearby or our very own

A Look Toward Conservation

Looking to the future, we plan to highlight the many trout fisheries around the world, as well as the unique species and subspecies that make these places special. By showcasing these trout species and the streams they inhabit, we hope to raise better awareness of the current status of these fish and to promote the additional protections needed to ensure a brighter future. 

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