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Half Day Guided
North Georgia Fly Fishing Trips

Half Day Trips: (4hrs Wild Trout Water)

      $250- 1  Angler or  2 Anglers

Half Day Trips: (4hrs Private Water)

       $325- 1 Angler or $400- 2 Anglers

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Full Day Guided 
Fly Fishing Trips

Full Day Trips: (8hrs Wild Trout Water)

      $350- 1 Angler or 2 Anglers

Full Day Trips: (8hrs Private Water)

      $450- 1 Angler or $550- 2 Anglers


Full Day Fly Fishing Trips include a prepared lunch, drink, and snacks.

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Group Fly Fishing Trips

Have a large group or family? It's not a problem. Everyone can enjoy a day on the water with our guides.

Pricing varies based on group size and how you would like to set up the trip. Shoot us an email, chat, or give us a call and we can set everything up. 

Call or Text: 469-678-9154

Email Us:

Fly Fishing Trip Gift Cerfificates

A great gift idea for friends and family. Our gift certificates allow the recipient to book a beginner, trophy trout, or wild trout fly fishing trip at their convenience.

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Chattahoochee River Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Half Day Trips: (4hrs Public Water)

      $200- 1 or 2 Anglers

Full Day Trips: (8hrs Public Water)

       $300- 1 or 2 Anglers

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*Gratuities not included but are much appreciated by our guides for a job well done*

*A $100.00 deposit is required for each guide on the booked trip*

*Deposits are fully refundable until 10 day prior to the trip.

Georgia Fly Fishing Trips

Contact Us: 469-678-9154

Georgia Wild Trout Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Plan your North Georgia fishing trip around your personal goals. Whether you would like to fish for brown, brook, rainbows, trophy trout, numbers of trout, learning new techniques, or learning how to dissect new waters, we offer many fishing trips in Georgia. Guided Fly fishing trips are typically limited to 2 anglers per guide. If you are a beginner to the sport and would like a quick introduction to see if fly fishing is for you, try out our beginner fly fishing lessons here in Metro Atlanta on the Chattahoochee River.

North Georgia Beginner Fly Fishing Trips

The Best Beginner Fly Fishing Trips change locations with each season.  Our Fly Fishing Lessons for North Georgia during Summer and Fall are best targeting the wild trout of North Georgia that offer the best learning experience for anglers looking to get the most out of their time on the water. Winter and Spring are the best times of the year for our private waters and for stocked trout. When the insect activity is slower in these months, these stocked fish will continue to feed opportunistically, giving  a better experience on fly fishing trips for beginners.

North Georgia Fly Fishing Trips For Experienced Anglers

For anglers that have crossed over that initial hump on the learning curve of fly angling, Georgia offers several opportunities to further improve your angling abilities. Challenges such as tackling the trout slam in a single day on the water can be a unique task  that requires more intimate knowledge of Georgia's geography and trout fisheries. The Appalachian Slam is best targeted in the summer and fall months as these wild fish will be feeding the heaviest. On these fly fishing trips you will also learn how to most efficiently dissect the wild trout streams of North Georgia. This efficiency techniques will translate very well globally in helping anglers break down new trout waters while on the road. Other skills for anglers to learn would be euro nymphing, targeting trophy trout on public waters, and patterning hatches/identifying when to choose between dry flies and emerger patterns. These skills are all best learned in Georgia between late fall and early spring. 

Fly Fishing Trips on Private Water Trophy Trout Streams 

For experience anglers and beginner anglers who are feeling lucky, the opportunity to target trophy sized trout in the 20"+ class is here. Patience is truly a virtue when targeting and stalking these big trout. The number of bites on these private water stretches are lower than the wild trout streams, but the chances of landing a personal best or losing a heartbreaking battle can be had around any bend in the creek. These fisheries are open through most of the year with the exception of mid/late summer through early fall when water conditions are too low and warm, creating heath risks for the trout.

Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons on the Chattahoochee River (3 hrs)

Not sure if fly fishing is for you? During the winter months following the Lake Lanier turnover, we provide intros for individuals in the metro Atlanta to learn the basics of casting, achieving good drifts, setting the hook, and if the previous steps align, landing trout. These are the most convenient Fly Fishing Lessons in Atlanta for those looking to break in to fly angling.

1 or 2 Anglers: $200.00  

Chattahoochee River Guided Fly Fishing Trips (4 hrs)

These trips are perfect for anglers looking to learn how to fly fish the Chattahoochee River below Buford Dam in Atlanta. Winter is an excellent time to be out on the river, as the Chattahoochee likely offers the best trout fishing in Georgia during the winter months.  Learn the basics and fine points of nymphing, as well as how to find trout on the Chattahoochee. If the conditions are right, dry fly fishing can be spectacular. Streamer fishing can also be productive at times and a valuable tool for beginning angler to probe water.

1 or 2 Anglers: $225.00  

Fly Fishing Lessons

Gear is provided on all of our lessons and trips. This includes waders, boots, fly rods, reels and flies. All you need to bring about is comfortable attire and an appetite for learning. Transportation from nearby lodging is also available. Lunch and drinks are provided on Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Trips.

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