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The Best Cabins and Lodging for Trout Fishing in North Georgia

Updated: Feb 29

If you’re planning a North Georgia Fly Fishing Trip, finding a place to stay can be a bit of a chore, especially if you don’t have a specific area you are looking to visit. Deciding which of Georgia’s mountain towns you would like to visit is the first step you’ll need to take in the process. Most visitors will end up in the areas around Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Jasper, Dahlonega, Blairsville, Helen, or Clayton. Each of these towns offer different trout fishing opportunities. Some will provide better access to private waters and trophy trout potential, while others will give you front row access to some of the best wild trout streams in Georgia.

Cabins and Lodging in Helen Georgia

The places to stay for trout fishing in Helen will center around the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries. The cooler months (October-May) will be the best time for the visit as there will be many trout fishing opportunities around. The main stem on the Chattahoochee, Smith Creek, and Dukes Creek will all be loaded with trout this time of year.

The Helendorf River Inn has excellent river frontage in downtown Helen for anglers looking to stay close to town and have access to the trout stream. Though tubers tend to fill the waters in the summer months, it is a short drive to the Chattahoochee WMA. The Spring and Fall months will find trout moving through the river here and offer an easy opportunity.

The River Runs Thru It cabin located just north of downtown Helen puts you front and center on some of the most productive trout water in Georgia. With the Chattahoochee River headwaters at the foot of your back door, the trout fishing only gets better as you wade upstream towards the Chattahoochee WMA.

The Unicoi Lodge and State Park offers lodging to visitor within the State Park. During the cooler months (October-May) this puts you as close as you can get to the Smith Creek Delayed Harvest Section. For beginning fly anglers, this section of Smith Creek can be very productive for anglers building their skills. Unicoi Lake and the Upper portion of Smith Creek offer seasonal trout angling opportunities as well. Be sure to check the trout stocking schedule to make sure your timing is perfect.

Smithgall Woods State Park Cabins are a bit of a hidden secret of North Georgia. With direct access to Georgia’s only productive public water trophy trout stream, the Smithgall Cabins offer a tremendous opportunity from October through May. Be sure to make your reservations for not only the cabin, but reservations for access to Dukes Creek which is open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The cabins will also give you exclusive access to the trout fishing in the upper section of Dukes Creek during the days the creek is closed to the public. Catch and release practices and other restrictions on tackle apply when fishing Dukes Creek, but the trout here don’t reach 20+ inches by being kept.

Alpine River Escape lies on the Chattahoochee River downstream of Helen. In the winter and early spring look for wandering trophy trout moving up and down the river. Numbers likely won’t be spectacular, but a trout of a lifetime may be at your backdoor. At the very end of Spring and very early Summer, look for hefty Striped bass to be moving up this section of the Chattahoochee from Lake Lanier. These behemoths will be eating the very trout you’re trying to catch. Don’t find yourself under gunned when these 10–25 pound striper pass by. Rainy or overcast days with higher water levels will put these fish on the move and looking for an easy meal.

A Little Bit of Heaven is actually located in Cleveland, Georgia on Town Creek. Town Creek sees very little pressure and publicity, so the trout fishing is a well kept secret. Trout fishing is good year round as the stream is found in the headwaters of the Chestatee River and receives only cool runoff from the mountains. Probing with dry flies will land many of the trout eager for an easy meal.

Cabins and Lodging in Blue Ridge Georgia

Blue Ridge has dozens of trout fishing opportunities in every direction around town. To narrow this down. Decide what type of water you would like to target. For big water, targeting the upper of lower Toccoa River will work out much better for you. For smaller streams with stocked trout that still receive a good amount of traffic, the cabins east of town will put you closer to streams like Hemptown, Rock Creek, and Big Creek. For more seclusion Fightingtown is a smaller stream that is partially stocked and partially wild trout but receives less public traffic. The Cohutta wilderness, Northwest of Blue Ridge, will give anglers the most seclusion with excellent opportunities at wild trout. Dozens of miles of untouched and wild trout streams can be found in the Cohuttas.

The Haven on Toccoa is a great place for larger groups looking to stay and do some trout fishing on the Upper Toccoa River. With excellent trout fishing along this section of the river, any anglers in the group can escape to spend plenty of productive time on the water. Trout fishing should stay consistent throughout the year, and possibly only slow toward the hottest months of summer and very early fall until the first cool rains pass.

Come on Inn another great location on the Toccoa River. This cabin is better suited to accommodate smaller groups than the Haven on Toccoa. Trout fishing should be very similar to the Haven. Trout on this stretch will congregate in the deeper holes on the river and along undercut banks.

Most river anglers know that confluences of two rivers or streams often are a hot spot for fish to gather. The River House from Southern Cabin Rentals sits on the intersection of the Toccoa River and Hot House Creek. These is a favorite stretch of river for knowledgeable locals as well as the experienced fly fishing guides on the river. This area will not only see healthy numbers of trout, but also quality for those looking to explore Georgia.

Noontootla Cottage and Serendipity sit on Noontootla Creek. This creek is one of the best private and public water trout fisheries in the state. This section of "The Toot" will have both wild trout as well as trophy size trout moving through. These sections of Noontootla Creek should fish well year-round but the fall will likely be the best time to visit as trout that typically reside in the Toccoa river will begin their migration upstream in late September and October. Become friendly with the neighbors and you may just be able to expand the amount of stream open to fishing. A stretch of public water is located just downstream which is seasonally stocked.

Cozy Creek Cabin, Dancing Waters Trout Lodge, and other cabins offered by Blue Sky Cabins, Morning Breeze Cabins, and Escape to Blue Ridge have excellent locations on Fightingtown Creek. Fightingtown offers some of the best private trout stream access in Georgia. Due to the cooperation of many of the neighboring landowners, better management practices have allowed the local trout populations in the creek to stay healthier than most Georgia trout streams. Along with the already healthy population of trout, look for migratory brown trout to move up Fightingtown creek from the Lower Toccoa River during the late summer and fall as they begin their spawning run. These browns will be colored up in their best fall colors during their trip.

For a more secluded trout stream check out Our Favorite Place on Ritchie Creek. This smaller creek offers excellent fishing for Georgia’s wild trout. This stream will be dry fly heaven for 9-10 months out of the year. With little other access to the creek, it is almost guaranteed you will have the creek to yourself during your stay.

Cabins and Lodging in Clayton Georgia

Clayton is home to some of the least visited trout streams in North Georgia. With less attention from tourists and local visitors, the trout fishing in the area is very consistent. With the overall lack of traffic, finding lodging can be more difficult than in other towns in the Georgia Mountains. The Beechwood Inn stands out in Clayton as an excellent location for visitors to get a good night sleep in between their adventures on the hiking trails and scenic trout streams.

Cabins and Lodging in Dahlonega

Dahlonega is an excellent middle ground for visitors and fly fisherman in North Georgia. Located in the middle of the state, it serves as the easiest access to the Northeast and Northwest corners. Dahlonega is likely the best place if there are any wine enthusiasts in your group as some of the best venues are within two or three miles of town. There are plenty other historical sites. waterfalls, and outdoor activities to keep everyone busy and entertained.

Kennedy Creek Resort, located in Suches Georgia, offers a great getaway tucked deep into the Blue Ridge Mountains. While there isn’t a trout stream on site, Kennedy Creek is a short drive away from some of Georgia’s best public trout streams in Coopers Creek, Rock Creek, and Dicks Creek. There are also excellent private water trout streams in close proximity.

The Bull Mountain Lodge will be opening at the beginning of 2023 and Is conveniently located in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The cabin lies in between the upper Etowah watershed which offers some of the best wild trout fishing in the state along with several stocked trout streams. Very few other cabins in the Dahlonega area will give you this much seclusion and close access to trout streams.

The Cottages at Kaya Vineyards and Dahlonega Resort offer the closest access to Dicks Creek, Upper Chestatee River and Tesnatee Creek. Another ten minute drive will put Frogtown, Boggs Creek, and the Etowah River tributaries in reach. These locations are also perfectly centered in North Georgia which will keep you within a modest drive on Helen/Clayton to the east and Blue Ridge/Ellijay to the west. For Visitors looking to see all, and the best of North Georgia, these cottages are the perfect option.

Cabins and Lodging in Ellijay Georgia

There are plenty of places to stay go trout fishing around the Ellijay and Cherry Log area. The growing town offers plenty of activities for tourists as well as excellent trout fishing. The best time to visit is October through May. The summer trout fishing can be slow around Ellijay as many of the creeks and rivers are at a lower elevation and are to warm for trout during the dog days of summer.

Go With the Flow cabin on Turniptown Creek likely has the best small private stream fishing of any cabin in the Ellijay area. Turniptown Creek is managed very well by the local landowners and is stocked regularly by both the state and landowners. The water temperatures in Turniptown Creek stay cooler year-round as the stream is fed completely fed by runoff and ground water. Along with the property behind the cabin, the upper section of the creek is open to the public where you can find fair numbers of wild trout.

The Thistle and Trout or Nice on Knotty cabins on the lower section of Mountaintown Creek have good numbers of seasonal stockers moving through the creek throughout the year. The water temperatures in the summer tend to get a bit warm causing the trout to become lethargic or seek cooler water upstream. If these cabins are booked up for your desired weekend, there are several more available along Mountaintown Creek.

Hidden Valley Paradise is on the West Fork of Mountaintown Creek. Though you won’t see the large numbers of stocked trout on this section of creek, trophy trout are constantly moving through this section of stream, Be sure to approach slow as you target these large trout as they’re typically experienced enough to take cover once spooked. High water triggers these trout to start moving in the search to spawn or eat during the shoulder months and winter.

River Bluff Retreat on the Cartecay River is a great option for private water access. The section of the Cartecay above Hwy 52 will fish a bit better than the stretch of river below as the temperatures will stay marginally cooler. This is very clear in the summer months as trout try to escape upriver to find cooler, deeper, and more shaded suctions of stream. This property is also an excellent location to start a float and fish areas where the trout see little to no pressure.

Forever Friday is conveniently located on the Ellijay River, just north of town. The Ellijay River sees much less traffic than the other nearby private water streams as it does not get the same amount of attention from fly fishermen. This can give visiting anglers more seclusion during their time on the water.

Cabins and Lodging in Jasper Georgia

Bent Tree Lodge sits just below the Eagle Rest Peak in Jasper, Georgia at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. A short drive around the mountain will give you access to Fall Creek and Amicalola Creek. These to trout streams hold populations of both wild trout and stocked trout. Access from the Wildcat Campground will give you enough space for a long day of fishing and exploring. Be sure to checkout the beautiful falls on each of the streams. These falls act as dividers for the wild and stocked trout populations.

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