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Georgia Trout and Striper Fishing Report for June

Updated: Jun 10

Georgia private water trout stream guide

The spring weather seems to be lingering here in North Georgia. The fishing has been very good over the past several weeks on the lower elevation creeks and rivers. Stocked streams have been a bit more hit in miss with the larger than normal crowds visiting. This should transition quickly as the dryer conditions and warm weather set in. Expect the fishing on the bigger water to start declining as water temperatures rise by the end of June. The higher elevation wild trout waters are picking up and should be very productive the next few months. You can put the nymphs and junk patterns away as the dry fly fishing will be at its best of the year through the summer months. The spring hatches have begun to fizzle out. We are still seeing some sulphurs, quills, caddis, and golden stones during outings. Some PMDs and caddis continue to pop up on sunny days. The numbers of caddis have been increasing more and more over the past couple weeks and should continue through June. You can also find more up to date reports of hatches, and hot locations by following our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Chattahoochee River Tailwater Fishing

The Chattahoochee will fish well throughout June. Expect more traffic from floaters and boaters trying to beat the heat on the river. The midge hatches have moved to very early or late in the day, so if you’re looking to do some dry fly fishing on the Chattahoochee, you’ll want to target these times. Another fun bite during the summer can be found throwing a streamer. The smaller fish found in the tributary creeks will move closer to the mouths during the summer. The more periodic releases from the dam place these fish in much closer proximity to predatory trout close by. These areas will be best for streamer fishing. Everything from 2-3” sculpin patterns to 6-8” stocked trout imitations can get looks from aggressive trout. Learn more about fly fishing streamer patterns in this article.

North Georgia Fly Fishing Guide Service

June and early summer are the best time of year to begin exploring new trout streams in Georgia. Searching for trout should be easier as you wont have to worry about high flows that can make wading and fishing difficult. Finding Georgia’s best trout streams can take some trial and error, but with enough looking you can find a new honey hole that might produce for years to come. Dry flies should command the attention of the trout giving you a good idea of what is in the area. If you do happen across a slow day, the pink squirmy worm or oversized pheasant tail nymph should also draw some attention.

North Georgia Striper Fishing

Lake Lanier Striper Fishing
Tough to make this one look bigger

Striper fishing on Lanier is waning fast in terms of finding fish on the fly. The spring bite will continue for another couple weeks as the fish target the shad spawn and roaming blueback along main lake points and humps. The best way to find striper at the moment is on the tailwaters. The striper migrations up the Chattahoochee to Morgan Falls Dam is in full swing. The Etowah River tailwater below Lake Allatoona is also seeing large numbers of striper moving up from Lake Weiss. Wading opportunities are limited here, but drift boats and kayaks will put you over the fish. Target shallower shoals to find the most aggressive fish in the area. The upper sections of rivers will produce some fish over the next month as well. Striper can still be found in the Chestatee river , Etowah River, and Upper Chattahoochee River, though in fewer numbers than during the month of May. Runs of fish from the highland lakes in North Georgia should begin any week now. Check out Henry Cowen's book on Fly Fishing Striped Bass to get a better idea on how to target these fish in Georgia Rivers.

Stocked Trout Fishing North Georgia

The height of the stocking season will wind down at the end of the month, so be sure to take advantage of the last couple weeks of the heavier stocking. Check out our Blairsville Fly Fishing Guide, Ellijay Fly Fishing Guide, Helen Fly Fishing Guide, Clayton Fly fishing Guide, Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guide, and Dahlonega Fly Fishing Guide to learn more about the Georgia stocked trout streams in these areas where you can find trout.

Our new articles share the stories from our guides on their fly fishing adventures around the world and the Fly Fishing Lessons they have learned along the way. Best of luck in all your June and summer trout and striper fishing. Brush up on the best flies for North Georgia, and fly fishing gear you’ll need, so you’ll be ready for your summer fishing trips.

If your looking to hit the road or explore this summer, be sure to check out our latest pages on Trout Species of the World and Trout Species of North America where you can put some new trout, salmon, and char species on your bucket list.

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