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The Best Stonefly Fly Patterns

Updated: Mar 8

Adult Stone Fly

Stoneflies provide a tantalizing food source in trout streams all across the Northern Hemisphere. The larger source of potential protein for the trout keeps these bugs on their radars throughout the year. Several fly patterns such as the stimulator, double bead stone, rubber legs, foam body stone, and little black stone have been around for decades and have fooled many hungry trout. Throughout most of the world, large or blanket stonefly hatches are uncommon. However, this does not stop trout from targeting these large bugs as an easy meal. These patterns will not only pull these trout from where the lie, but also serve as excellent options for a dry dropper rig.

Best Stonefly Dry Fly Patterns

The Stimulator, Foam Body Stone, and Little Black Stone are popular dry fly patterns that do an excellent job of imitating the various stonefly species. Each shine at different times of the year when different stoneflies are present.


Stimulator Fly Pattern

The Stimulator is without a doubt the most popular stonefly imitation and a must have for any fly box. Along with being excellent patterns for golden stoneflies, giant stoneflies, and several smaller species, they can also imitate larger caddis. On smaller streams they are great at suspending a dry dropper rig without causing the disturbance of a larger foam body fly.

Foam Body Stonefly

Foam Body Stone Fly Pattern

These stonefly patterns are great when imitating the larger salmonfly and giant stonefly species. Many variants exist, but all are effective at targeting trout. The popular chubby chernobyl, typically a grasshopper imitation, may also fit into this category. These flies can float the heaviest of nymphs, even at depth.

Little Black Stone

Little Black Stone Fly Pattern

This pattern is a must in the winter and early spring months when small winter stoneflies and other small stonefly species are more abundant. These flies can also look similar to midges and small BWOs that may be present during those months.

Best Stonefly Nymph Patterns

Double Beaded Stones, Pat's Rubber legs, and a handful of segmented stonefly patterns do most of the heavy lifting as stonefly nymphs. These nymphs have the ability to pull trout from further away than most flies. Getting them down to the bottom can be critical to receiving the most bites possible.

Double Beaded Stone

Double Beaded Stonefly Nymph

This fly is very dense by design and can get down through the water column quickly. The best sizes are typically in the size 10-14 range. This pattern is a perfect anchor fly on multi-fly rigs.

Pat's Rubber Legs

Pat's Rubber Legs Fly Pattern

The Rubber Legs and its variants are excellent stone fly imitations that are too much of an easy, oversized meal for trout to pass up on. It's simplicity makes the pattern great for beginning tiers. Flies in sizes 6 to 12 work great in bringing trout to the net.

Segmented Stonefly Nymphs

Stone Fly Nymph Pattern

Not an official pattern name, but a common group of stonefly imitations. These flies are very buggy in appearance and are typically more complicated patterns to tie. Its never a bead idea to have several of these on hand.

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