Georgia Trout Fishing Report For November

Updated: Mar 6

North Georgia Fly Fishing Outfitter

It appears winter has arrived a bit early this year. The bite on the wild waters has subsided following these recent cold fronts. The dry fly bite is quickly waning, but I still have hope on a few warmer days in the upcoming future carrying the bite to the end of the month. It's not all bad news though, the larger trout waters have been on fire, both public and private. The stocked fish and migratory wild fish are feeding up. Following heavier rains look for bigger fish to move up the creeks in what I call the Georgia "salmon run". I've seen both browns and big rainbows, like the one above, getting flirty with each other and moving upstream. Approach slowly from downstream and keep your eyes peeled. Once you spook these monsters it's all over. Best of luck!

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