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Georgia Trout Fishing Report For November

Updated: May 24

North Georgia Fly Fishing Outfitter

Fall came and went quickly this year. The bite on the wild waters has been outstanding following the few rains that have passed. The dry fly bite is waning, but there is still hope for a few warmer days in the upcoming future carrying the bite to the end of the month. Some better news is, the larger trout waters have been fishing well despite the low water, both public and private. The stocked fish and migratory wild fish are feeding up. Following heavier rains look for bigger fish to move up the creeks in what I call the Georgia "salmon run". I've seen both browns and big rainbows, like the one above, getting flirty with each other and moving upstream. Approach slowly from downstream and keep your eyes peeled. Once you spook these monsters it's all over. The brown trout are still on the move, both coming and going from the areas they plan to spawn in. If you can find a fish or two staging, you can bet they will be hungry.

The Chattahoochee River Tailwater fishing is still rough as the turnover continues. Look for the river to clear up and begin fishing well come December.

Georgia's Delayed Harvest Streams were stocked to the brim this week. They've already seen a lot of pressure but are still an excellent place for beginners to hone their craft. If the big attractor junk flies aren't working right away, switch to some smaller patterns to see more success. Good drifts are already essential after trout have been in the creeks/rivers for several days now. If you can afford to lose the indicator and keep a good drift, trout should be easy to come by.

The coming weeks will see the slow transition into the winter patterns so stay up to date with the best fishing spots in North Georgia/Tennessee, fall trout fishing in North Georgia, and Winter trout fishing in North Georgia to better understand where these trout are on their transition.

Ralph with his first Appalachian Trout Slam. Check out his Florida Long Range Fishing Charter.

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