Georgia Trout Fishing Report for June/July

Updated: Jan 16

Summer has arrived. Time to escape the heat and head for the headwaters and small streams of North Georgia. The dry fly bite has been excellent. Trout can be caught on a myriad of flies as all insects are present. Stoneflies, mayflies, caddis and terrestrial imitations will catch fish throughout the day. If you can squeeze out on a low light drizzly day the bite will be even better. If you are out at an odd time when fish don't want to rise ad a small/simple dropper fly below your dry. Majority of the hatching bugs are on the small end of the spectrum with some larger mayflies showing up in the evening. This is the best time of year to seek out the Appalachian slam (brook, brown, and rainbow trout). Several customers have achieved these on half day outing since June. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather as afternoon thunderstorms can pop up quickly.

summer fishing trip to North Georgia

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