Georgia Trout Fishing Report For Early May

Updated: Jan 16

North Georgia Fly Fishing in May

May has arrived. The trees have returned to green and the rivers and streams and the air is doused with pollen. The bug diversity is continuing to rise as the hatches have begun to increase significantly. Caddis and stoneflies continue to be the most abundant in the streams I have visited over the past few weeks with the occasional mayfly here and there. Fish have been incredibly active and can be caught on just about any nymph or junk pattern in the box if it's presented correctly. The dry fly bite has really begun to pick up as the water warms by mid day. Larger dry fly patters (caddis, stimulators, and hoppers) have done well at these times when the fish are looking up for a meal. A dry dropper has become a go to when sight fishing trout in skinny water with a stealthier presentation. If you can get into position without spooking the fish, chances are you can get a good shot at the fish. I have encountered large amount of trout fry present in several streams, likely from a successful fall spawn. Don't be afraid to lob some small streamers around dead water areas if you begin to see fish chasing. The first signs of summer terrestrials have also begun to appear as hoppers have been quite numerous in the fields and we have spotted the first of the Brood X cicadas. It wont be long before the critters find themselves on the water and the trout find a new favorite meal. Keep your eyes and ears open as more of these insects appear as the temperatures continue to rise.

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