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Georgia Trout Fishing Report for Early March

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Spring has arrived a bit early this year and the trout activity has picked up considerably. Still seeing plenty of midges across North Georgia but more bugs are joining in on the festivity. Winter stoneflies have been fairly common on big a small waters. A couple species of small caddis (size 16 or smaller) have begun emerging leading to a productive dry fly bite on the small mountain creeks. Keep an eye on the blue wing olives on those overcast and gloomy days, if you see them around the water, emerger patterns have been best. These patterns may get shaken up in the coming week as it looks like there is plenty of rain in the forecast. The streamer bite should be in full swing with the ensuing high water.

The lower Chattahoochee has been fair as fish activity increases with the longer days. If you can shimmy around the generation schedule there are fish to be had. Junk flies and midge patterns are still the tickets. Don't overlook the feeder creeks as they begin to warm much quicker this time of year.

spring Fly Fishing in North Georgia

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