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Georgia Trout Fishing Report for April

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The trout activity has continued to pick up as waters across the state warm. Recent rains have brought the levels of rivers and creek up causing the trout to spread out. Streamers are an excellent way to probe large areas for trout. Hatches have begun to pick up around mid morning along with trout activity. Yellow sally's and black caddis have been the most prevalent bugs I have seen on the water. Size sixteen to eighteen dry flies have been the best imitations when you begin to see the trout rising. When things are slow, large nymph patterns (stonefly and caddis) have worked well. Many other local fish in streams and rivers have begun their annual spawning ritual so don't overlook egg pattern if suckers and chubs are around. The end of the month should see all of these patterns pick up as well as the fishing.

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