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Georgia Trout Fishing Report for Late February

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The weather, as is typical for February, is having its ups and downs the past couple weeks. Majority of the fishing is slow but there are plenty of fish to still be caught. Rainbows have begun their migrations upstream for their spawn, so if your looking for a trophy fish on public water, now is the time. As far as insect hatches, midges are still the ticket throughout North Georgia. Some notable patterns that accompanied a couple warm days this week and will likely reoccur in upcoming days, were some Blue Wing Olive hatches in the higher elevations. Size 16-20 emerger patterns have worked best as the fish key in on these bugs on the smaller waters. On the Chattahoochee you'll see some wild browns making splashy rises here and there for the occasional winter stonefly. A small, dark colored stonefly pattern (Size 14) with a small (20 or smaller) midge dry or emerger pattern trailed behind is a good way to pick of a few of these guys if you can stalk them without spooking. The typical junk patterns of course will clean up any stockers throughout Georgia and the zebra midge will shine well into March. Don't be afraid to chuck a streamer at some territorial rainbows that might be making their way up the creeks and hungry browns bouncing back from their spawn.

fly fish in North Georgia

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