Helen Trout Fishing Guide

Helen is the most unique town found in the North Georgia Mountains. Though the town is still small, Helen receives a heavy amount of traffic from not only local Georgians, but from tourists across the country. Helen has many different activities throughout the seasons including  a full month of Oktoberfest, a Christmas wonderland, and other smaller festivals throughout the year. Visitors can beat the heat in the summer while enjoying the cool float down the Chattahoochee river, or a shaded  hiking adventure along the higher elevation ridges. Trout fishing is excellent in just about every month of the year on many of the creeks around Helen. You can find trophy trout, wild trout, and stocked trout within a ten minute drive from town.  Learn more about which creeks and streams are stocked or have populations of wild trout in our Helen Fly Fishing Guide article.

Helen Fly Fishing

Helen Fly Fishing

The popular stocked trout streams around the Helen area include the upper Chattahoochee River, Soque River, Jasus Creek, Low Gap Creek, Sopestone Creek, and Smith Creek. Unique angling opportunities can be found in the cooler months on Dukes Creek, Georgia's only public trophy trout stream, as well as the Smith Creek Delayed Harvest below Unicoi Lake.

Private water trout streams are located on the Upper Chattahoochee River its smaller tributaries.